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A destination management, event design, corporate travel, and incentives company based in Miami, serving South Florida.





Whether you'll have ten guests or 1000, we've mastered the formula that guarantees a flawless event: intricate planning, an eye for detail, unparalleled creativity, and meticulous execution.

We imagine an event that has never been done before and is totally original to your brand.

Then we build it!

Our production expertise includes Stage Sets, Decor, Audio Visual and Custom Branding. 

Your winners will definitely feel your gratitude for their hard work when given a trip that is absolutely priceless, with once- in-a-lifetime experiences that have been handpicked and tailor-made just for them.

We develop strategies completely unique to your meeting or conference that will hold attendees' undivided attention with something like a captivating keynote speaker or an innovative agenda.


"Our recent program received the highest client satisfaction ranking among all of our worldwide destinations this year.  You really do provide the ultimate Corporate Experience!  Even with our large guest attendance, the events still felt exclusive with high-level details." 

Vivian Miles, Executive Assistant, National Healthcare Organization 

"Our company has been doing the same program every year in Miami but we realized in the last few years our customer attendance has significantly decreased, we were referred by our hotel to The Corporate Experience and after about 10 minutes on the phone, Teri said she had the perfect plan for our 3 day program, we published the program and for the first time in years had an increase in attendance! We had a fantastic experience and are looking forward to planning nexts years events! 

Thank you Teri & The Corporate Experience Team! " 

Bridget Powers, VP of Marketing, Pharmaceutical Company


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